Friday, February 13, 2009

d o . o d l e

this is a doodle from class. . . i have been thinking about something i read in my expressive arts therapy class that to be creative you must actively engage in the process.  in our society people want fast results.  to be able to take a pill to fix what is ailing you what ever it may be but no matter what most things actually require some work, being aware, being present and actually doing something.  so in creating art, to be an artist, you actually have to do.  i want to say just do it, but that phrase has become kind of ugly thanks to corporate commodification.  so i'm going to just have to stick with do.  do do do do do.   doooooo

a cool zen saying off my water bottle. . . 

before enlightenment
chop wood
carry water

after enlightenment
chop wood
carry water


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lux wu said...

you need to blog...i'm started to feel psycho checking like 3 xs a day to see something new...xo