Thursday, February 19, 2009

organizing sick

i got the old organizer from my chair massage place and thought i would utilize it and organize all my art supplies, which were in boxes in the garage.
this is an old life drawing from a model in class.  it was an older lady, i think i gotta take another life drawing class.
this was little dried flowers i enlarged.
collage of a detail of a klimt painting.
top of my new art cabinet.  paints, in the box is full of glitter and stamps.
first drawer, is mostly pencils.  color pencils, charcoal, tape. . . 
embroidery stuff
more paints, pastels.
yarn and paper. . . 

so i'm sick as i've been in a long time.  cough.  snot.  my head hurts so bad.  ugh!  so no work again today.  in almost 2 months i've worked this shift once!  but you can't give massages when your coughing, but you can get them!  and i'm going to go get one.  actually gotta head out now

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Lux Wu said...

thank you thank you...i'm not happy to hear your sick...that's the suck. but soooo happy to see you post...i was starting to feel like a stalker! ha! get well. xo