Tuesday, April 17, 2012


written by me today:
owning or caging me
that's not love, trust me dear
trust, you must, break through
if you don't you'll lose truth
with closed eyes
soul mates will pass by
stay connected you'll know
you've seen it in my eyes
you're stuck on the earth
you're bound by your fears
just exhale, let go, let flow the tears
rejected, dejected from source
you're lost & alone with no course
ask for guidance, follow signs
they were there this whole time
it starts with forgiveness
& if you want more,
gaze in the mirror, it will settle all scores
breathe and listen the path becomes clear
you'll feel divine spirit and it will carry you there
love on yourself
listen and dream
there's nothing conceived you can't achieve
you're a bright little starfucker
there's nothing to fear
let go of the darkness and bright light will clear
once you've done that let the power in
you'll understand what it is
and love will come in

1 comment:

Tyler said...

whoa...that's pretty darn good lady...

i hear the "starfucker" part...puts same sass in there!