Tuesday, March 6, 2012

march: opportunity

The opportunities this month:
You could experience life from a different parallel.
You could feel neutral about situations and events that were previously charged.
You could reach new levels of power, understanding and transformation.
You could manifest great prosperity and luck.
You could get your body in gear and bring it along for this fabulous ride.
You could turn all of your challenges into opportunities.
You could eliminate fear through action and risk.
You could become free.
Helpful practices:
See everything as an opportunity and remind yourself of this every day.
Be patient, listen, and wait for things to shift in their right timing.
Take some action every day that shows you are serious about doing something towards your intentions and goals.
Make a plan and be willing to adjust it frequently to meet the elastic nature of the times.
Talk to your body, pay attention to it, work with it and give it what it needs.
Do something every day that shows the spirit you are serious about your practical transformation and that you are willing to move forward and into opportunity instead of backing away. Take a risk, don’t look back.

my friend cadee shared this with me

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