Wednesday, February 16, 2011

inspiring ladies

so since my one actively crafty buddy tyler moved across the country i've been wanting to meet some more crafty people. . . i've been trying to get friends to go to a denver handmade alliance meeting/get together with me. no one would so i decided to just go by myself last night. it was the meeting of the events committee. i am now going to help by marketing the next event CRAFTY BALLYHOO! here in denver. they are collaborating with the city's "create denver week". i already met some great ladies at the meeting and next tuesday is the member's meeting. i'm trying to get some of my buddies to attend too.

so i got home last night and started doing a day of the dead painting of a figurine i got at a thrift store a'la tattoo tales and my tv died. was it a sign we just need to kill our tv? hmmm. . . it was crazy i was painting (a mary none the less) maybe it was too sacreligious

i love my love for you is a stampede of horses. i want to repost every artist it's an amazing resource.

i found this Faust the other day while searching art nouveau pictures

when looking for inspiration for my figure painting

love this was another art nouveau find, oiseau bleu

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