Thursday, February 3, 2011

heaters: sacks of rice

for many many years i've been using a bed buddy.
they are literally sacks of (uncooked) rice you stick in the microwave.
they are great because they put out a moist heat and moist heat penetrates your muscles vs. a heating pack, which is questionable because of the electric energy and it only heats the surface/skin. palmer's got his own now and actually he threw up on it and so i cut it open dumped out the rice and sewed him a new one. i used my old favorite cowboy sheet that had gotten a hole in it. i lined it with another jersey and added a few drops of lavender essential oil to the rice. . .
i used some of my old jeans legs for handles on his.
it's been freezing, well even below freezing (it was like -18 here the other day) so i've even brought it in the car on the way to school with us to keep bubba warm. . . he calls it his
"heater thing"
i made myself a new one out of the old flannel sheet i picked up at the thrift store:i made kiko a heart one for valentine's day. . . it's a little odd shaped but you get the drift. . . first try and all. . .
i thought you could put it over your shoulders with your neck in the dip of the heart. . .
heat them in the microwave for 2 minutes then shake up up and you can do it for a min to a min and half more depending on how hot ya want it.

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