Saturday, February 19, 2011

the critic

i am reading 5 books right now! they are all pretty good.
i was struck by something i read here in Alphonse Mucha his life and art
i have always loved mucha, i have 2 of his prints i got before i even knew who he was.
this book is great, it was writen by his son Jiri.
alphonse is quoted on pg 41:

"I said goodnight to Count Egon and returned thoughtfully to my room. There I sat down and looked at each of my pictures in turn. They all seemed small and full of mistakes. Despite the growing darkness I set up a fresh canvas and began to work. I wanted to paint something I would be really satisfied with. I worked a long time. But I have never yet succeeded in painting this picture. . . "

it's amazing someone who's work i admire so much wasn't satisfied with his work. . . WOW!
that inner critic can be loud and rude.

then watched this video about quieting the lizard brain. i think the critic is pretty much all lizard

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