Wednesday, February 10, 2010


so i was totally sold on an infomercial. it was just on tv after i had played palmer a curious george and i watched for just a second, then i saw it again a few days later. p90x is a home bootcamp. before i had palmer i went all the time to genesis fitness bootcamps here in denver. i could possibly make the 5:30 am classes but this video system is less than one round of bootcamp. and i was running regularly but we've had lots of snow and it's impossible to run with a jogging stroller full of 40 pound toddler on ice. i ordered off of amazon, so it was cheaper still, plus the reviews on amazon were stellar, then negative ones were about the quality of the dvds. i do think i got some pirated version for sure as it won't play on anything but my computer. i was still sick the last couple weeks, i still have a little hanging on but feel a lot better so i started yesterday. i was sore last night, very good work out and another good one this morning. i sweated, palmer just hung around and even did some of the exercises with me! i like it because there only do each exercise once for no longer than 4 minutes so there i a lot of variety plus they do a lot of stretching and yoga before and after which we never did in bootcamp. similar exercises though. there are 12 discs and just saw on amazon there is a bonus pack of videos p90x plus, so you can really mix it up. they have 3 different work out plans too so you do the videos in different orders. there is weight traning, cardio and stretching and yoga. they include a food plan and you can look at the before and afters google it or look on the website. i know you have to work out to get in shape and this makes it easy to do it at home and actually get a good work out!

they should pay me huh?!

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BabyLuxDesign said...

good for you lady! get er' done! xo