Sunday, February 7, 2010

saturday night with claire danes

so tonight was the premere of temple grandin on hbo. it was such an amazing story and a great movie. i cried, almost the whole time (i think i was in need of a good cry). i guess i should say i'm biased for claire danes and have loved her since my so called life, and i even really likes her gap commerical!

temple grandin has a beautiful mind and her story is so inspiring. the movie shows the best humanity of people and the worst. people can be so cruel to that what they don't understand. to see her mother's love and the heart break from not being able to hug your own child. the amazing teacher she had that helped her open doors. how hard she tried to do what she wanted. the ability to explain autism is such a gift. i suggest it. it will win awards next year i'm sure!

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