Tuesday, October 6, 2009


so a while ago posie get's cozy had a recipe for creamy pumpkin sage sauce and it's so good (must be eaten with italian sausage! that's a MUST MUST!)! so i made that for dinner friday with pumpkin gnocchi from our local italian shop but then had left over pumpkin. . . so the next morning i made pumpkin oatmeal, i really just followed the directions on my oats but did 1/2 water 1/2 milk, then added the puried pumpkin. this picture does not do it justice it was so delish, i added pumpkin pie spice! yummy!

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BabyLuxDesign said...

yum, this looks good. I love the weather change...sportin all my knit caps. We need to take the boys to the pumpkin festival at chatfield...I sent you and email...maybe henry and millie could join?