Friday, October 16, 2009


see this is what i meant a bunch of leaves are already gone. . . i relish autumn. . . i ran this morning then i really stubbed my toe this afternoon. i though i broke it, it's been a really crappy week for some reason. illness, work drama. that tree i stubbed my toe on kicked my butt. he said, "what are you doing? get outta your damn head and get grounded!"
this is the most beautiful book i found at goodwill. i just love the block print illustrations! alibris has a copy for $57! (have one for $5 too but I paid .25) i couldn't find it on amazon. do you shop on alibris? i have been for years, you can find almost anything on there!

have you seen the what i wore today flickr group?! i had to try. drawings only.

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