Tuesday, October 13, 2009

how curious george changed my life

(inspired by steiglitz. picasso said he created the first cubist photograph, so i was playing with that idea.)

(i love this picture of palmer for some reason)

since it snowed last week over the weekend so many of the leaves have fallen off the trees. . . today on my run it looked so much more like winter, boo hoo. . . i love fall! so did i tell you a curious george episode prompted my return to running. . . he was training professor wiseman for a foot race to benefit the museum, and made running fun. that's why i've been running to the park, it's beautiful, we have fun playing, it's a good distance 3.25 miles. . . curious george changed my life!

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BabyLuxDesign said...

funny i was just telling chad the same thing in the car. i noticed all the leaves were falling off the trees. Fall is my favorite time in Colorado...it's so pretty when the leaves turn orange, then winter comes too soon and everything looks barren and bleak :(