Thursday, August 13, 2009

i am so happy and greatful

that my new stores are so successful and stress free. i've got an ad going out in the wash park news paper, i just ordered some post cards i designed (well with the help of the template on illustrator):

i was reading eat pray love and was inspired to listen to deva premal. one of the songs we danced around to the last day of massage school:

Om shree saché maha prabhu
Ki jai
Paramatma ki jai
Om shanti shanti shantihi om

May the ultimate truth and that which
is beyond all boundaries be victorious.
May there be peace, peace, peace.

it was so cute, palmer sat on my lap, his head on my shoulder singing along.

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BabyLuxDesign said...

I'm glad we got to hang for a bit yesterday...even though the darn museum closed early. I'm gonna hunt down my guest pass, so we can go again soon.

You down for a mojito playdate this coming week?! Maybe Friday? Lola, Faith, and me my house?