Wednesday, August 5, 2009

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not having school has given me all sorts of crazy time to read. well a lot more time then i'm used to. so i just finished 2 books this week. i have read all of these ladies other books and it's been so much time they both have new books. . . it was interesting to read them together because they are similar yet totally different. both stories of mothers and daughters, among other things. both have mention of the moon.

the crowning glory of calla lily ponder, by rebecca wells
i loved this book. i cried and cried

the almost moon, by alice sebold
it's a bit depressing

so both these books, dealing with the moon. todays a full moon. saturday, if i'm not sick anymore going to hang out to funky buddha, for a full moon party my friend is spinning.

feeling a little down the last week. work, missing my family, getting sick. needing inspiration i picked up this book i've had for years. . .

the artist's way, by julia cameron

i just started but it's pretty fun. journal everymorning and an artist's date everyweek. now this artists date, you're supposed to do alone and do something fun, looking to "fill the well" of your creativity. being at home with palmer it's hard to make time along but i think looking around on blogs is pretty inspiring and fun! so with palmer asleep for nap i give myself the gift of looking at blogs and all the creative things people are up to.

so this is my works space. not very fancy but it's working! i'm starting a watercolor of that picture i found on a blog. . .

every paycheck i put quotes in. i had a bunch of therapists flake this last week so this week i found this quote:

"80% of success is just showing up" ~ woody allen

so another blog i follow, she has a link to this talk

feels like synchronicity to me! so now i'm starting to read this:

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