Friday, March 25, 2011

new goings on

this is king, our new bulldog. he's 4.5 and a glorious little goblin.
he's really my hubby kiko's dog, i don't think i would have actually got him. he's really mellow though, as you can see, though he stinks. i think it's got to be in part to what he's eating and will start experimenting with that. i saw online someone said no grains in the food or no corn. he is sleeping by my feet right now. the only thing is my poor poor cat! she's so scared of him, i hope she relaxes.
i am on day 6 of the master cleanse with my buddy elysia. it was crazy the first day of spring i decided to start it and then she texted me that she had started the master cleanse wish her luck! meant to be! though i have 2 parties to go to this weekend but i have been feeling pretty good so i'm going to try and stick with it!


Elysia said...

Awwww King is pretty cute though! Good luck with the smell ewe..
It's so crazy how we keep doing this cleanse together and we never plan to do it at the same time. It's meant to be.. you and me:) Good luck!

BabyLuxDesign- Tyler said...

Omg! you guys got a mut! He's rad!!! for the stink- try a raw diet...seriously they do better eating meats and if they eat too fast (cause they love it) put sweet potato or pumpkin with helps their digestive track- remember how Otis used to fart??? he doesn't anymore- but his food is kind of a pain!

I gotta try that cleanse one day!