Tuesday, December 8, 2009

zero 7

had a great time last night at zero 7. my friend that works at the ogden sent me a text that he could get me on the list + 1, i already had bought a ticket for myself. i was afraid i wouldn't even be able to give away tickets but my buddies andrew and andrew rallied.

andrew goes to steuben's for there $5 burgers so after the show we headed over. they were having a fund raiser and toy drive. we got free drinks and yummy home made foie gras pigs in a blanket. i bought a bunch of raffel tickets, they had some great prizes i was hoping for the $300 tattoos at sol, but did end up winning $25 to happy noodle house which is in boulder, we'll have to make a trip. . .

then we headed to nob hill, the diviest dive on colofax, i'd never been for last call. . . . it was pretty magical!

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BabyLuxDesign said...

I'm a loser...I should have gone with you...and yah I suck, I love zero 7.

I think Chad and I are gonna have a holiday shin dig here at the house....stay tuned.