Tuesday, December 15, 2009


so i got this yesterday at the thrift store. do we have room for it, not really but i think it's super cool. kiko said why did you get it? i said because i think it's worth a lot more then they were charging. . . and it's really cool. i'm going to have to find a book about antique trunks because there isn't much info online but i think it might be a saratoga trunk. i think it probably would have has some info on the lid where there is a peice of paper missing. . . maybe that was for who it belonged too. . . . it smells like moth balls!

In the late 1870s a large fancy round top trunk became popular, because it was used by the wealthier people visiting the spas and racetrack at Saratoga Springs, New York. The Saratoga Trunk was a very large, domed top style with fancy trim, covered in either leather or metal. Early trunk catalogs and ads describe Saratoga trunks as a "large round top of the highest class". Round top trunks (also called humpback, camelback, monitor top, and barrel top) were made in a wide range of sizes and coverings. It is believed that the round tops were made for those who wanted to try to have their trunk packed on the top of baggage cars, so they would not be damaged.

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