Monday, December 15, 2008

b r e a t h

today was a seriously hard day.  palmer was in a fowl mood crying and crying and i couldn't figure out how to make him happy.  is it just teething.  who knows, i pray tomorrow is better but i went to yoga tonight.  i'm going to try and go every day till i leave for hawaii.  i need to go tanning too. . . so bad, i'm fish belly white!

can you make your own yoga clothes.  i need some new stuff i feel totally out of it in my wife beater, i looked at the rack and every thing is over $50 at the studio. . . i just realized that my sewing machine has disappeared.  i'm a little devistated as it was grandmothers 1940's feather light singer.  i just have no idea where it could have gone.  boo hoo. . . . so i've been looking on craigslist.  ugh!

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The Lucks said...

I think that is a wonderful idea to make your own yoga clothes. My friend Courtney does it all the time. I am sorry about your grandmother's sewing machine. Maybe it is in a box somewhere and you just haven't found it yet.
PS - no tan is the new tan. xo