Friday, November 21, 2008

so cute

i forget where i found this. . . on one of the many blogs i follow.  i want to create one of this of us. . . kiko + abby = palmer.  so super cute i love it. 

i've been pretty lazy since i finished my huge long history of photography paper.  it was actually pretty interesting.  i did it on this book of found photographs of couples.  the same editors have one of behinds too.  i'm going to take a photography class next semester, just for fun as my final semester winds down.  i have 2 finals, 1 quiz, 2 papers and 2 oral reports then i'm done.

i also need to make up some gift card for my whole foods business.  hey, how are you liking my to do list!

i'm still going to start studying for the GRE and go to graduate school i think.  i'm scared about the GRE.  everyone i know that has taken is says it HARD. . . 

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Elisabeth said...

Oh I love that!

GRE, yeah I heard it's bad. Wish I was going back to school. I miss it.

Hey, I finally answered your question about travel with a toddler. I decided it was kind of long so I wanted to spare your blog the lengthy comment, but you can check it out back at my blog.