Tuesday, November 25, 2008

duh. .

some geese flying south. . . lovely gray sky.

i just needed to go to yoga.  feeling much better after some serious sweating and stretching and breathing. . . ah. . . it's amazing how much better i feel yet i tend to be a bit kapha.

so i had a brilliant idea last night while i was drifting off to sleep about a project to start. . . i bought some new water colors today at meiningers, oh i love that place.  anyway. . . i thought of a story, hopefully i can illustrate, paint.  will keep you updated.

so did you hear about this breaking story about mammograms.  

Do more frequent mammograms pick up some breast cancer tumors that might have gone away without treatment? Possibly, according to a study published this week in Archives of Internal Medicine.

a summary:
2 different groups, 1 group group had routine mammograms (3) and another group got one over the same 5 year period

The women who had more mammograms had more cases of invasive breast cancer

The study suggests that some of the tumors detected by mammography would have spontaneously regressed had they not been caught and treated.

it makes me wonder does breast cancer kill women or the treatment?  i know i know this if a very controversial idea but it wasn't that long ago MDs were treating people by draining their blood.  this is how george washington died.  or is it the fear and inevitably one must feel after that diagnosis.  the stress weakens the body, the attention and fear go to the site of the tumor.

pretty interesting huh?

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Elisabeth said...

That's crazy! But maybe supports my long-held suspicion that we do more harm than good with chemo & radiation treatments. I'm convinced that in 100 years people will gasp when they hear of our barbaric medical practices.