Thursday, February 23, 2012

what i am

i am not faithless
i am not a slut
i do not suck
i am not a scumbag
i am not a disgrace
i am not a god damn waste
i am not petty
i am not self-serving
i am not self-cherishing
i am not needy
i am not weak
i do not have bullshit
i unpack my baggage
i am not a shit
i am not rotten
i am not shallow
i am not a mess
i am capable
i deserve joy, bliss and freedom
i didn't stab you
i am worthy of love
i am not self serving
i am giving
i have faith and courage in myself
i have the strength of character to stand and face life
i do what i want
i can be alone (i like to be alone)
i enjoy my company
i am not delusional
i am not selfish
i do the hard work
i face reality
i do what is required (to be happy and honest)
my head isn't stuffed with clouds
i am infinitely loveable (so are you)
i am not rotten
i do not run & hide & delude myself
i face the facts
i see through illusion
i am not a shitty person
i am not a bad mother
i accept love and forgiveness
my head is clear
i am not ignorant
i am not self centered
i am not weak
i break negative patterns
i am not a flake
i am not a shit
i don't cheat
i am not a victim
i am connected
i am not an idiot
i am not a shit bag
i don't deserve an ass whupping
i am not a skank
i am not needy
i know the truth
i accept the truth

1 comment:

Tyler said...

you're beautiful inside and out.

please keep blogging!