Sunday, July 31, 2011


so change is the constant of life. . . some changes force growth and you get growing pains. this has been a crazy time of my life. i am on a roller coaster. maybe i should go on a roller coaster tomorrow. . . it's my birthday. 32 years i have been walking and breathing on this planet.

i have created a few things, nothing blog ready yet. i did do a friendship bracelet sort of strap with a shell to hold my pant leg on my bike. it matched my outfit, it was rad.

in the last 3 weeks i have watched all the episodes of my so called life streaming on netflix. it took me back. it's been like 16 years since i watched those. . . when i was 16. that's crazy. . . i don't feel that old! i guess i kind of do when i take palmer to the pool and there are 17 year old life guards! that show had such great writing and it resonates with me on a very deep level. i wish i would have written more during that time of my life so i could remember. it was stressful too. i just moved here from oregon. i had had the same friends almost my whole life and there i was in a school that had the same population as the town i was from! it was a culture shock. there were so many kids i would walk in the halls against the wall head down, even when there were no kids in the hall! one day, i was walking down the hall with the bathroom pass walking with my head down and a baseball player who was pretty cute and a year older than me said, "what are you doing? why are you walking like that? walk out in the middle with your head up! push people out of the way!" and he showed me how. head up, chest out, strutting down the hall. i wasn't even aware of how i had been walking and just now thinking about why.

why was i? i was scared. why was i scared? it was new. i was unsure. i was unconfident. i did make friends and i did start to walk different. leaning on the wall maybe isn't the greatest support.

so now, for my birthday resolutions (it is a new year for me after all), i should add to this list. . . 32 before 33!
1. let go of the things i don't need
2. meditate daily
3. practice self care
4. clearly define and start expressing the vision for my business
5. get organized
6. make a piece of clothing
7. do four 10 day fasts
8. ride bikes as much as possible
9. ride a horse
10. visit seattle
11. go somewhere i've never been before (palm beach for josh's wedding?)
12. practice crafts
13. volunteer
14. get some tattoos. . . (i have at least 4 in my head right now)
15. grow what i can where i'm at
16. work on that children's book idea i have
17. be present with palmer
18. practice yoga regularly
19. yoga teacher training
20. study for GRE
21. take pictures in commerce city (show?)
22. study art with lee rose
23. study massage with melanie russell
24. journal regularly
25. write more letters
26. sing and dance regularly
27. keep up spiritual practice and study
28. save money
29. eat as mindfully as possible
30. be as authentic and honest as possible
31. be as kind as possible
32. SLEEP MORE. . .

ok i'm done. . . off to bed. . . i'm tired

love to my buddies who read this! xo


Tyler said...

that sounds like a pretty good list....I'm really liking # 10, 17, 21 and making the piece of clothing.

Kami said...

Good resolutions! I never thought about making resolutions on my birthday. And I may have to watch "My So Called Life" now =)

Elysia said...

Of coarse I like 10! Do it:) I also like 1, 7, 8, 14... we should get a matching one.., 16, and 25. Sweet list darling. Love you