Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day

the reason. . . palmer and i on a date to his favorite restaurant, steve's snappin dogs

these are some therapy dogs from a hospice for an event i did on friday. the one in the back's name is abby. . . our hair matched!
flowers designed by my buddy sarah from babylon floral gorgeous!
we wet to the avalokiteshvara buddhist center yesterday morning for the prayer for world peace. . . it was amazing and filled up my spirit. i will be going back. it was perfect.
beautiful new robe from sol
this is a view @ city park. i was riding my bike to therapy. . . i've been getting a lot of therapy recently. it's a good thing, since someday i'll be a therapist. get to unpack all my stuff now so i'll be able to be a good body centered psychologist.

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