Sunday, April 10, 2011


so had an amazing week really. i felt like there was date with destiny after date with destiny. i'm not quite sure where i'm going but i know i must be headed in the right direction.

i got to go to the most amazing show on monday night! the first moment my friends cadee and sarah got to the bluebird (my favorite denver venue) for the wanda jackson show, we met the opening band, the Dusty 45's, who are from seattle. the crowd was amazing. my outfit had come together out of no where (i'm working on drawing it for what i wore today). the show was so fun, i danced and danced and afterwards and then had some friend therapy that was SO needed. i told those ladies they should charge!

on wednesday i had a meeting with capital hill whole foods about bringing my chair massage business in. . . i got in.

i have so many work opportunities right now. so blessed and a bit overwhelmed. trying to figure out how this should look. how to delegate. i am so blessed right now, just need more time!

then i stopped by this antique store i haven't been in for probably 15 years. here are a few of the things i'm dreaming about for when we can start renovating our house. . .
this vase will be the center piece of the mantle
these 2 chairs would look perfect on either side of the fire place

i just loved this water color! she's so pretty!
look at this embroidery! i love it!
pretty sweet!

anyway, then it was the year anniversary of CHOMP! the vegan community dinner we go to. see my friend josh, that runs it, and i have talked about opening a vegan grocery store, a la food fight, in portland. it was an amazing night. great food and it was just fun!

last night we went to a art opening @ my friend cadee's salon. there were a bunch of people there i didn't even know were going to be there! my outfit came together again out of no where! it felt serendipitous. . .

and i'm going to be having Sundays off! that's my goal, having sundays off. . . it may become my favorite day again!

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