Friday, December 10, 2010

all shook up

i've been feeling pretty shook up since getting home, still working on landing. . .
it was really great to be home, wasn't a very relaxing trip now. i've been dreaming of sandy beaches. . . my parents are going to hawaii for a month! so wishing i could go.

a bunch of things happened while i was gone that shook me up. my dreams got a little shook up, trying to figure out the new face of my dreams. there were many blessings, lessons and gifts but still working on processing. i finally got unpacked today. . . it took that long. i've had to work doubles every day since i got back, today was my first day off, and i got the cold everyone got.

anyway, i had an idea just now, maybe a first step? say a prayer if you can so i will know if it's the right first step to make to get to where we want to go (not sure what that looks like yet but will keep dreaming).
thanks xo

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Tyler-BabyLuxDesign said...

you've got all my positive energy flowing your way.

my favorite quote lately....

"do what you can. with what you have...where you are."

everything will work out just fine lady- sometimes it just takes a little longer than we'd like! xoxoxo