Tuesday, November 2, 2010

on my mini

so i'm on my new mini computer. i really would have loved a mac book or something but unfortunately i don't have money for that right now and this little tiny thing will be fine for my emails and office stuff. . . it's pretty little, and a little slow but it does the job so far.
so kiko and i have still been eating plant based (kiko has lost 20#! and is now choosing to eat this way because of how amazing it makes him feel!)
my friend cadee asked me how i did it, got kiko to give up meat.
honestly it makes you feel so much better. eating animal protien is actually terrible for you (read the china study if you don't believe me. . . eat a lot of animal protien and increase your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes not to meantion obesity!)
dinner tonight:
sweet potato tacos:
diced sweet potatos, baby bellas, red pepper, and onions sauted in veggie broth and a little olive oil.
served on fresh tortillas with salsa, romain, chopped tomatos, and a little daiya "cheese"
kale and avacado slaw:
raw kale
mushed up avacado
diced red pepper
diced red onion
a little lime juice
a squirt of braggs amino (this stuff is awesome if you don't use it already)
i was going to make corn too but forgot and we were full by the time i remembered!
YUM :)

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