Thursday, September 16, 2010

some books

so, my friend tyler said she wanted to read some books. . . i've been reading a lot recently. #1. i love the library & #2. i canceled cable for now. . .
one of my favorite books ever
i just got this book at a thrift store. . . pretty good find.
do you get sick at the change of seasons? you're not alone, i love this book and read this ever time the seasons change. it gives such good advice!
i just re-read this one, i love all of her books! i re-read them.
left behind, it's kind of a guilty pleasure, i've read 11 in the series. the character development is really good!
grave sight (i've devoured the series and all of her books. watch out they'll suck you in!)
ancient secret of the fountain of youth, you know you want to know what they are!

what have i missed? got any good reads for me :)

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